July 18th, 2011

仁 - CLAP

[MOD] WE need YOU!

Hello fellow jinaday members!

You may have noticed that the posting became rather irregularly lately...

I and Carol /kousatendays have got busy with personal life stuff.
Carol is in her graduation year and is pretty busy with uni stuff...
And I'm busy with work and kinda exhausted after coming home every evening.

Thats why WE need YOU!

We're looking for 1-2 new posters who can help us with posting!

I can still post on the weekend (Saturday+Sunday) but we're really in need for a
poster who has time and motivation for posting during the week.

So, if you think YOU are the one, who can help us, comment on this post! (comments are screened)

Tell us why YOU want to become an poster on jinaday!

We'll announce the new poster(s) in a few days, as soon as we have someone found!

Thanks in advance!